Zhonghai Famous Diamond Garden Indoor and Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool Project * High-end Clubhouse

The project is located in Hengqin New District, Zhuhai, with a total area of about 75,000 square meters and is equipped with a clubhouse, indoor swimming pool, open-air swimming pool, leisure and sports facilities。Looking at Da Hengqin Mountain in the south and the prosperous urban landscape of Macau in the east, it is adjacent to the University of Macau; it is 0.5 kilometers away from Hengqin Port, and you can transfer to the light rail in an instant, seamlessly connecting with Zhuhai, Macau and the Pearl River Delta; the west side is planned for the future Hengqin administration The center is the administrative service center in the district.

Design requirements:

1. The outdoor pool area is 1520 square meters, and the pool water volume is 1370 m3;

2. The indoor pool hall area is 573m2, the pool water area is 340m2, and the pool water volume is 360m3;

3. Indoor swimming pool water temperature 26±1℃; indoor air temperature 28±1℃; relative humidity 65%

4. The swimming pool multifunctional dehumidification heat pump is used to meet the annual heating of the pool water and the daily constant temperature and constant temperature dehumidification functions of the pool hall;

5. The swimming pool water treatment system adopts a mixed-flow sand tank filter and an ozone disinfection system filter system.

6. The control of the water treatment system of all swimming pools adopts PLC intelligent control operation.

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