Xiamen JW Marriott International Hotel Swimming Pool and Sauna Project

Project Introduction:

The project is located in the CBD core area of the cross-strait financial center in Xiamen. It is the Haixi regional headquarters jointly developed by the world’s top 500 enterprises, the central enterprise AVIC and the state-owned enterprise Zijin. It was included in the key construction projects of Fujian Province and Xiamen in 2012. Xiamen AVIC Zijin Plaza has a total investment of about 3 billion yuan and a total land area of more than 40,000 square meters. It is the only one in Fujian Province that has obtained the US LEED Gold Level and the National Green Building Three-Star Double Certification. It is a landmark high-end business complex in Xiamen.

Project configuration:

The pool hall area is 570 square meters, the swimming pool area: 215 square meters; the depth: 1.40m; the water volume: about 320m³; the designed circulation flow is 58m3/h. Equipped with adult pool, children’s pool, massage pool and sauna area for men and women.

Design requirements:

1. The indoor pool requires the initial heating time of the swimming pool water to be 24 hours. The plate heat exchanger is used for the initial heating and auxiliary constant temperature of the system. The heat source is taken from the 58°C heat medium circulating water of the hotel water source heat pump unit;

2. The constant temperature of the pool water is 26±1℃ throughout the year; the temperature of the indoor pool hall is 28±1℃; the indoor humidity is 65%.

3. The pool hall and pool water are kept constant for 24 hours by using a special dehumidifying heat pump for swimming pools.

4. Swimming pool water treatment adopts full-flow ozone disinfection as the main method, supplemented by chlorine dosing. An energy-saving air source heat pump is used, which is sent to the heat pump for circulating heating through the booster pump of the water constant temperature system.

5. The swimming pool system realizes remote PLC control, which is safe and convenient to operate, greatly reduces the later management and maintenance costs, creates a healthy and green swimming environment, and achieves a truly humanized design 

Scope of acceptance:

1. Swimming pool water supply and drainage, circulating water treatment system

2. Automatic dosing device, ozone disinfection system

3. Swimming pool water filtration system

4. Swimming pool dehumidification and ventilation system

5. Swimming pool PLC control system

6. Swimming pool room ventilation system

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