Wuzhou Guolong Hotel swimming pool renovation project * five-star

Project Introduction:

Guolong Hotel has a construction area of about 43,000 square meters. It is a high-end business conference resort hotel invested by Guolong Real Estate, integrating accommodation, business, indoor hot spring leisure and conferences. The hotel has elegant and comfortable luxury rooms and 368 suites. The hotel is equipped with indoor hot springs, pools, spas, swimming pools, and saunas.

  Undertake content:

Primary Filtration System of Hot Spring Raw Water

1. Hot spring, spa, swimming pool filtration system

2. Indoor ventilation and dehumidification system3. Energy recovery system

Design requirements:

1. The secondary heating time of the water source is 12 hours, and the heating adopts an air source heat pump for heating and auxiliary constant temperature in winter;

2. The pipe network adopts PE-RT, and the whole line is intelligently supplemented with temperature and water;

3. The dehumidification of the pool hall adopts a dedicated dehumidification heat pump system for swimming pools;

4. The constant temperature of the pool water is 26±1℃ throughout the year; the indoor pool hall temperature is 28±1℃, and the indoor humidity is 65%;

5. The control adopts PLC intelligent control system.

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