Shenzhen Crowne Plaza Hotel Indoor and Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool Project

The project is located on the southwest side of the intersection of Shennan Avenue and Keyuan Road. Crowne Plaza Hotel Management Company personally built a high-end super five-star hotel integrating hotel, office and business. The hotel is equipped with 373 guest rooms and indoor The heated swimming pool and indoor spa system create a prosperous and quiet place for high-end people.

Design requirements:

1.The initial heating time of the pool water is 24 hours. The plate heat exchanger is used to heat the system and the auxiliary constant temperature in winter. The heat source is taken from the hotel’s 58°C heat medium water.

2. The constant temperature of the pool water is 26±1℃ throughout the year; the temperature of the indoor pool hall is 28±1℃; the indoor humidity is 65%.

3. The indoor pool is equipped with massage, water play and other functions, and the whole pool area is combined with static and dynamic;

4. The swimming pool water treatment adopts a counter-flow sand tank filter system and a full-flow ozone disinfection system;

5. The control of swimming pool water treatment system adopts PLC intelligent control operation.

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