Water Quality Monitoring ORP/PH Numerical Controller


Water Quality Monitoring ORP/PH Numerical Controller

Chemical dosing automation is recognized in many fields, such as swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and industrial water treatment, and the controller reaches a standard in the advancement of disinfection, oxidant and pH automation control

Chemtrol 250 Water Quality Monitor User Manual

Add Acid Or Alkali To Adjust:

The acid-base (ACID/BASE) adjustment is set to the state of acid feeding by default. When the pH value is higher than the set value, the dosing device starts automatically. The setting of the acid feeding state is suitable for alkaline disinfectants, such as liquid chlorine and solid chlorine. When the power is turned on, the monitor displays acid feed (PHF AC).

If acid disinfectant is used (such as triclosan pills), the acid/base (ACID/BASE) regulator should be set to the state of alkali (bA). When the power is turned on, the monitor displays alkali injection (PHF bA).

NOTE: This procedure should be performed by well-trained personnel when installing or changing to a disinfectant type.

Dosing Status:

Dosing of disinfectant or pH can be selected from the following states: “OFF”, “Manual” or “Automatic”. When the desired state is selected, press the [ORP] or [pH] key until the corresponding font appears. (Note: Press the ORP or pH key for more than 5 seconds to restore the new set value and calibration of ORP or pH to the original state set at the factory.)

ORP Settings:

Before leaving the factory, ORP is set to 700mV which is proven to effectively kill bacteria in water and maintain water quality. The monitor can automatically measure the ORP value in the water without manual calibration.

The concentration of chlorine or bromine required to maintain the ORP value varies with pH and overall water quality, especially the concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS), the amount of organic matter and the concentration of cyanuric acid.

The ORP setting should be adjusted according to local health department requirements for chlorine or bromine concentrations.

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