The Three-in-one Dehumidification System


The Three-in-one Dehumidification System

The continuous evaporation of the water surface of the swimming pool causes the indoor air phase When the humidity is too high, it has been scientifically determined by the medical community that when the air humidity is higher than 65% or lower than 38%, the bacteria multiply the fastest. 2. When the humidity increases and the water vapor tends to be saturated, it will inhibit the human body The performance of the heat dissipation function makes people feel very hot and irritable.Excessive humidity reduces the concentration of thyroxine and epinephrine in the human body, and at the same time, the human body’s resistance capacity is reduced, and the growth of bacteria is accelerated,making the human body more vulnerable to bacteria.Disinfection by-products such as ammonia nitrogen and other DBPs in the indoor air of swimming pools are the causes of air pollution and asthma in swimming pools. At the same time, there are other volatile organic compounds VOCs. endanger human health.Excessive energy

Three-In-One Dehumidification Heat Pump

Three-In-One Dehumidification Heat Pump,It effectively solves the pain points of traditional dehumidifiers such as high noise, high power consumption, and complicated operation, and provides high-efficiency dehumidification solutions for swimming pools with the advantages of energy saving, quietness, intelligence and convenience. And continue to deepen the research and development and update, and establish the leading edge of heat recovery technology. The Three-In-One Dehumidification Heat Pump has lower energy consumption, and can recover a large amount of humid heat potential in the air during operation for energy reuse. In many performance characteristics is far beyond the normal.

The main function:

  1. The equipment integrates the functions of dehumidification, cooling and heating, and can recover thermal energy to the limit during operation. The recovered thermal energy can be used to heat pool water or indoor air to avoid thermal energy waste.
  2. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the indoor air, the swimming pool dehumidification heat pump is specially equipped with a fresh air inlet, and it is preheated when the fresh air is introduced in winter, so as to avoid the large fluctuation of the indoor air temperature caused by the direct entry of the fresh air.
  3. Considering the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, there will be insufficient air heating. Therefore, the equipment is specially equipped with heating coils. Users only need to connect an external heat source to ensure worry-free.
  4. The swimming pool dehumidification heat pump is a customized product, and the equipment structure, size and tuyere position can be designed free of charge according to the actual requirements of the site, so as to solve the problem of site restrictions in different places, so as to achieve the best use effect.
  5. The large-scale swimming pool dehumidification heat pump unit can be disassembled in sections, and the equipment is transported to the site and then dispatched by our company to assemble it, which is convenient for equipment transportation and on-site installation.
  6. The equipment is controlled by program and equipped with advanced touch screen controller. You can operate the entire unit with a simple touch, and can also realize remote control according to user requirements.

Practical application:

The swimming pool dehumidifier first extracts the hot and humid air in the swimming pool, dehumidifies and heats it, and then returns it to the swimming pool. During this process, the swimming pool dehumidifier continuously draws a certain amount of fresh air into the swimming pool to ensure the air quality in the swimming pool. A large part of the energy used to heat the fresh air comes from the recycling of the thermal energy in the hot and humid air in the swimming pool, thus reducing the energy consumption required for heating the swimming pool and pool water. In addition, the three-in-one swimming pool dehumidifier system has an automatic conversion function, which can easily become a powerful air conditioner to solve the high temperature in the swimming pool in summer and bring tourists a refreshing water world. The increase in tourists, and the obvious improvement in economic efficiency, have proved that the decision to adopt a comprehensive dehumidification system is correct.

Internal functional structure

Compressor part

Working principle: The startup of the whole equipment comes from the conversion of compressed refrigerant. When the compressor starts, the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant inside the compressor will program the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant through high-pressure work, and the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant will enter the next program of the equipment to realize functions required by the machine.

Titanium gun part

Working principle: The water source that needs to raise the temperature enters the titanium gun. During the use of the entire equipment, when the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant enters the titanium gun. At the same time, the water source that needs to increase the temperature enters the titanium gun to take away the heat, so that the water temperature is increased.

Three part

Working principle: The three devices are divided into evaporator, condenser, and surface cooler. The evaporator vaporizes in liquid state, absorbs heat, and realizes refrigeration, and the condenser gaseous liquefaction, dissipates heat, and realizes heating. Surface cooler realizes auxiliary space cooling and heating.

Fan part

Working principle: The fan is divided into a supply fan and an exhaust fan. The supply fan sends the air required by the indoor space into the air duct, and enters the indoor venue through the air outlet, and the exhaust fan discharges the indoor air with excessive carbon dioxide to the outside.

Working principle of dehumidification heat pump

Project Cases and Application Scenarios

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