Space Disinfection Ozone Generator On-hook


Space Disinfection Ozone Generator On-hook

MODEL  Parameter:SMT-5G/SMT-10G/SMT-15G,etc

(g/h)Ozone production:5/10/15,etc

Cooling method:air cooling

Electrical power supply:Module power supply


Space Disinfection Ozone Generator On-hook

Introduction to the application and function of ozone

As a strong oxidant, disinfectant, refined preparation, catalyst, etc., ozone is widely used in petroleum, chemical textile, food, pharmaceutical, fragrance, environmental protection and other fields. Ozone has been used in water treatment since 1905, and it can solve the problem of drinking water quality. At present, most countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States have applied ozone technology to sterilization of medical equipment and tableware. Ozone is also used as an oxidant in the fields of textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, deodorization and decolorization, bleaching, aging technology treatment, and biological engineering. The biggest feature of ozone is a gas (composed of three oxygen atoms), and has a very strong oxidizing power, its oxidizing power is second only to fluorine but higher than chlorine, high efficiency and harmless residue, so it has a wide range of applications .

This series of ozone generators has the functions of purifying air, sterilizing, disinfecting, preventing germs, removing musty smell, smoke smell, smelly formaldehyde, various harmful air, peculiar smell, etc. It is suitable for various places and does not take up space.

Product Description

This product is suitable for various places – such as hotels, guesthouses, KTV, nightclubs, clubs, bars, Internet cafes, game rooms, crowded entertainment places, stations, shopping malls, office buildings and other places. It can effectively sterilize and remove viruses, purify the air, and is also suitable for decoration. It can remove toxic and harmful volatile substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air during decoration. This product can purify the air, has obvious inhibitory effect on various bacteria, germs and microorganisms and other pathogenic sources, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases.

SMT-KJXD Series Ozone Generator

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