Low Pressure UV Sterilizer


Low Pressure UV Sterilizer

1. CREATOR UV germicidal lamps have a lifespan of more than 9,000 hours and a sterilization rate of 99.99%;
2. Leadwo high-quality and stable electronic ballasts;
3. Quartz sleeve made of GE214 material, transmittance>90%
4. The lamp is guaranteed for one year.


Low Pressure UV Sterilizer

Product Description

Our company produces conventional UV sterilizers such as flange side opening, flange halving, side in and top out, wire mouth, as well as different forms of UV sterilizers such as split type, automatic cleaning and bypass type. In order to meet the various needs of customers, our company can customize UV sterilizers with different specifications, different numbers of lamps, different models and special requirements according to customer requirements.

Killing rate of bacteria:

Process Flow:

Product Specification:

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