Home Air Source Heat Pump


Home Air Source Heat Pump

1.Testing Condition:

Dry-bulb temperature 20° C

Wet-bulb temperature 15° C

Water temp.rises 40° C degree

2.Technical specification is subject to change without notice,final information please refer to the nameplate on machine

Home Air Source Heat Pump

Domestic heat pump

Ideal for multi-storey apartment buildings.

1.Optional function weekly anti-bacterial cycle which prevents the spread of Legionnaires Disease, serious and sometimes fatal form of pneumonia.

2.Proven high quality external Stainless Steel SUS304 /powder coated paint finish to ensure case is protected against weathering.

3.Intelligent controller complete with four section timer ON/OFF automatically.

4.Retrofit electric heating system &use existing geyser for storage avaliable.

5.Built-in water pump design ready to install with simple plumbing and electrical connections.

6.A unique “cross-over” switch ensures the client has hot water at all times should anything go wrong with the heat pump. (Optional function). 

How it works:

Product Parameter:

Project Cases and Application Scenarios

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