Full DC Inverter Heat Pump R32 WIFI water heater ErP


Full DC Inverter Heat Pump R32 WIFI water heater ErP

High efficiency and total heat solutionHeating + Cooling + Domestic hot water

Full DC Inverter Heat Pump R32 WIFI water heater ErP


Mitsubishi DV Inverter Compressor

Our DC Inverter Heat Pump uses the industry’s best compressor.Mitsubishi DV inverter compressor.The Mitsubishi DC inverter compressor uses EVl technology and automatically witches into heating or cooling working mode according to the ambient temperature.

Environmental friendly Refrigerant R32

The R32 refrigerant is more environmentally friendly compared to other traditional refrigerants.lts ability to enable an inverter heat pump to recharge and recycle more effectively than some other refrigerants means that the unit can run atmuch higher efficiencies.

DC inverter motor

This DC motor runs at the exact speed it needs for the optimal efficiency. In this way the DC heatpump averages 30% more efficiency versus astandard unit.

Ultra-silence fan blade

With Mitsubishi rotary compressor and DC inverter brushless fans.our ful DC inverter heat pumpsadopt new noise reduction measures so that thesound of the unit is controlled at a satisfactory level.

Italy Brand Carel Controller

Our R32 DC inverter heat pumps are ecuippedwith the intelligent CAREL controlerit is adoptedto realize the linkage control between the heatpump unit and the terminal application end thesvstem is easv to manipulate.stable in performanceand is trulv a smart operatina svstem.The WIFApP enables users to operate their units througha smart phone wherever and whenever they are.

Expansion Tank

Famous brand expansion tank can reducingelectricity consumption and prolonging the servicelife of the pump.

WiLo Circulating Pump

The water circulation pump constant proper waterflow rate .which will secure the heating performanceand reduce after sales problem.

High-end finned tube exchanger

Super large surface ultra gold fin coil evaporatoroptimised for high heat transfer.


1. High efficiency and total heat solution :Heating + Cooling + Domestic hot water.
2. DC inverter technology to guarantee optimal operational reliability and efficiency.
3. Using R32 green refrigerant.
4.Brushless DC fan motor secure quiet operation;
5.Anti-freezing work in -25 C degrees low temperature:
6.Adopted famous international brand inverter compressor;
7.Side discharge design;
8.Easy installation and easy maintenance


Pay for one heat pump and enjoy the functions of two devices
Would you like to experience the most comfortable heating and cooling solution? There is no need to buy expensive airconditioners and aas boilers, SmartHeat SHBLN inverter heat pump can bring you a cheap and comfortable solution.


Suitable for all kinds of home decoration styles\DIFFERENT SORTS OF HEATING TERMINALS

Fan coil
This is suitable for new buildings. The fan coil is hidden in theceilingspace-integrated with the home decoration, It is beautiful.elegant and can be used for heating or cooling.

Underfloor heating
This is suitable for new or existing buildings. Underfloor heating pipesare laid down underneath below thefinish of the floor. Its main advantageis the evenly distributed heat coveringthe entire surface of the whole filoor.Underfloor cooling is also an availableoption.

Hydronic radiator
This is stuitable for new or existing bulidings. Hydronic radiators are avaliablein many different models and sizes. This is the most appropriate solution foran existing building as it does not require a significant amount of changes tothe building.



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