Dosing Pump


Dosing Pump

All the functions of one pump
Covering 0.4 to 110 l/h, output pressures up to 20 Bar 1 housing allows pre-build slides as the fixed point remains the same and the pump can be selected when metering flow is confirmed stock reduction. Reduce spare parts inventory.


Solenoid Diaphragm Metering Pump

Clever PVDF pump head standard, All functions in one pump

Cover 0,4 to 110 l/h with an output pressure up to 20 Bar 1 Casing allows skids to be pre-constructed,as the fixing points remain constant, and the pumps canbe selected on confir mation of the dosing flow lnventory Reduction.Reduce spares stock holding.


PVDF pump head and ceramic ball valve as standard

PVDF is suitable for almost all chemical used in the lndustrial,Waste Water Treatmentand potable Water applications The use of Ceramic balls as standard improves the pumping reliability and the chemical compatibility of the whole liquid end full chemical compatibility.

Reliable Diaphragm pure solid PTFE

The advanced design and manufacturing process allows the diaphragm to have a unique life expectancy.Made of pure solid PTFE, the diaphragm is compatible with most chemicals.Routine diaphragm replacement is no longer a requirement.Reduced maintenance.Full chemical compatibility.

Steady dosing performance

Stabilized Multi Power Supply

100- 240 Vac 50/60 Hz

Reduced consumption

Pumps Head:

The parts in contact with the liquid have been chosen in order to guarantee perfect compatibility with most chemical normally in use.

Dosing mode

The pump head has a manual priming valve,the flow rate is manually or automatically (by signal input) adjustable from 0 (pump stop) to 100% of the max flow rate, Moreover it is equipped with the low level alarm to stop the pump.

Mounting dimension drawing

Pumps identification

Installation kit

The pump are supplied complete with the indispensible accessories for their correct installation as follows;


Carbon steel+PE SUS304+PE

SUS304 SUS316


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