Air Source Heat Pump Commercial Water Heater


Air Source Heat Pump Commercial Water Heater

1.Testing Condition:

Dry-bulb temperature 20° C

Wet-bulb temperature 15° C

Water temp.rises 40° C degree

2.Technical specification is subject to change without notice,final information please refer to the nameplate on machine

Air Source Heat Pump Commercial Water Heater

The air source heat pump successfully uses the inverse Carnot principle to drive the heat pump with electric energy, through the components in the heat pump device: evaporator, compressor,

The condenser and expansion valve make the working medium continuously complete the thermodynamic cycle of evaporation (absorbing heat in the environment)-compression-condensation throttling-evaporation, thereby transferring a large amount of scattered solar heat in the ambient air to domestic water.

Main Feature:

High energy efficiency

Under the environmental conditions of dry bulb at 20°C and wet bulb at 15°C, the average COP is above 4.0 (secondary energy efficiency is 4.0 and above).

Green eco-friendly

Environmentally friendly refrigerant, green and environmentally friendly, without any emissions.

Rated water temperature

The rated outlet water temperature is 55°C, and the maximum outlet water temperature is 60°C.

Use long time life

The main accessories are all well-known brands, which integrate advanced manufacturing technology, quality assurance, and have a service life of more than 15 years.

Smart system

Equipped with modern intelligent control system, intelligent, high degree of automation, automatic monitoring of the unit, reasonable adjustment, users worry.

Precise temperature control

Modular design, equipped with an intelligent control system, realizes full intelligent control, can automatically adjust the flow according to the ambient temperature and water temperature, and accurately control the temperature.

Smart defrost

The surface of the evaporator is made of hydrophilic film aluminum foil, which is not easy to adhere to dust and prevent condensation into frost. The defrosting heat energy can be reused, and the defrosting effect is from the inside out. The system intelligently judges the ambient temperature, evaluates the anti-frost quality, and ensures the best defrosting effect.

Humanized design

Advanced intelligent control system, intelligent refrigerant and lubricating oil control technology, effectively avoid deposition, humanized design of the system, simple and convenient operation.

Energy saving

  • Input 1 degree of electricity, can produce 4 degrees of heat.
  • The operating cost is 1/4 of the electric water heater, 1/3 of the gas water heater, and 1/3 of the oil water heater
  • Air source heat pump water heaters are energy-saving products.



  • There is no need for fuel pipelines and fuel storage, and there are no safety hazards such as fuel leakage, fire and explosion.
  • When heating, it is only the heat transfer process of the working fluid in the system, and there is no need to use electricity to contact with water, which completely eliminates the hidden danger of electric shock.
  • The unit is equipped with multiple safety protections such as exhaust temperature protection, high pressure protection, low pressure protection, compressor overcurrent and overload protection, start delay, water flow switch, water temperature ultra-high temperature protection, and water tank water level protection.



  • The shell is made of stainless steel plate, which is carefully manufactured, resistant to corrosion and wear, can adapt to various harsh weather conditions, is rust-proof, waterproof, durable and has a long life.
  • The host adopts high-quality heat pump compressors from world-renowned factories and accessories from world-renowned factories. The service life of the products is more than 10 years.



  • The unit can be installed outdoors, such as on the roof, on the ground, etc., to achieve remote monitoring, small footprint, simple installation, no need to set up another working machine room, and does not occupy an effective construction area.
  • The unit adopts automatic control, automatic start and stop, control and constant water temperature.
  • Equipped with multi-function liquid product display screen, touch-type man-machine interface, manual and automatic free switching, can display the equipment’s operating status, operating mode, water temperature, water tank water level and other indicators, fault code display, timing switch machine and other functions.

Product core accessories:


The compressor is a driven fluid machine that lifts low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas, and is the heart of the refrigeration system. The exhaust pipe discharges high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas to provide power for the refrigeration cycle.


The evaporator is a very important part of the air source heat pump. The low-temperature condensed “liquid” passes through the evaporator to exchange heat with the outside air, and the “gas” absorbs heat to achieve the effect of cooling.


The condenser can transfer the heat in the tube to the air near the tube in a very fast way.

Expansion valve:

The expansion valve is an important part of the air heat source pump, which is generally installed between the liquid storage tank and the evaporator. The expansion valve makes the liquid refrigerant of medium temperature and high pressure become wet steam of low temperature and low pressure through its throttling, and then the refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator to achieve the cooling effect. The expansion valve controls the valve flow through the change of superheat at the end of the evaporator to prevent Insufficient utilization of evaporator area and cylinder knocking.

Project Cases and Application Scenarios

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