Air Source 500G Ozone Generator


Air Source 500G Ozone Generator


Ozone production:5(g/h)

Max.output concentration:15-25mg/L




Cooling method:air cooling

Air source 500G ozone generator

Introduction to the application and function of ozone

As a strong oxidant, disinfectant, refined preparation, catalyst, etc., ozone is widely used in petroleum, chemical textile, food, pharmaceutical, fragrance, environmental protection and other fields. Ozone has been used in water treatment since 1905, and it can solve the problem of drinking water quality. At present, most countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States have applied ozone technology to sterilization of medical equipment and tableware. Ozone is also used as an oxidant in the fields of textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, deodorization and decolorization, bleaching, aging technology treatment, and biological engineering. The biggest feature of ozone is a gas (composed of three oxygen atoms), and has a very strong oxidizing power, its oxidizing power is second only to fluorine but higher than chlorine, high efficiency and harmless residue, so it has a wide range of applications .

This series of ozone generators applies high-end technology to generate ozone through corona discharge, and the discharge chamber is composed of a tubular generator with a dehydroxylated quartz structure. Unique anti-return design (return water is easy to damage the machine), which can increase the life of the machine, the circuit adopts a modular design, and the dielectric components, connectors and pipes are all made of anti-oxidation devices, which are not easy to oxidize, have a long working life, and have a large corona area. The low temperature greatly increases the ozone concentration. Its performance index and actual use effect are better than most similar products currently on the market.

Main Features:

  1. Using air cooling + water cooling, the amount of ozone can be adjusted
  2. The unique structure design makes the backwater not easy to damage the ozone generator
  3. The generator unit has a long working life and can work continuously
  4. The housing is stainless steel
  5. Air source


  1. Generator
  2. Stainless steel housing
  3. Air compressor
  4. Ammeter
  5. Fan
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