Private villa swimming pool

Private Villa Pool 1

A rectangular villa with constant temperature swimming pool, the pool volume is 115.5m3; the average water depth: 1.4m. There is a semi-circular design up and down water ladder, and there is a spa pool on the shore that can accommodate many people.

This swimming pool project is located in a garden villa, with a beautiful environment and clear air. There are tourist attractions such as Prince Mountain and Swan Lake nearby. There are natural landscapes such as Furong Park, Furong Peak, Furong Reservoir, Xishan Waterfall, and Tongtian River in the area.

filtering system

The swimming pool filtration system is to filter the coarse and fine impurities and fine items in the swimming pool water, so that the swimming pool water becomes clear.

This project uses multiple sand tanks, circulating filter water pumps as the filter system. The filtration effect of the sand tank is that the turbidity of the effluent is less than 2 degrees.

Disinfection system

The swimming pool disinfection system is to eliminate the micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae and viruses in the pool water, so that the water quality is in a dynamic and safe state.

The disinfection equipment of this project uses ultraviolet sterilizer and sodium hypochlorite generator as the disinfection system. Physical disinfection, does not produce harmful items to the human body, and has a significant disinfection and sterilization effect.

constant temperature system( AIR source heat pump)

The swimming pool constant temperature system is to keep the water in the swimming pool in a constant temperature state, and swim at a comfortable water temperature throughout the year.

This project’s constant temperature equipment uses an air source heat pump, which is a low-energy, high-efficiency heating device.

SPA Jacuzzi

Charles de Gaulle swimming pool equipment provides equipment and installation services

SPA massage pool size: 2150*2150*920mm, the SPA pool includes functions such as filtration, massage, constant temperature, lighting, etc. It can accommodate 7 people for SPA at the same time.

Private Villa Pool 2

China Railway Yueshan Lake covers an area of 5,000 mu and has a total construction area of 2.61 million square meters. It is mainly based on villa buildings. The overall greening rate is as high as 80%. It has become the only complex in Guiyang with mountain and lake resources for sports tourism.

It is located in the villa garden with the fragrance of birds and flowers, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by green trees, nature constantly releases negative ions, and the air is extremely fresh. Swimming in this elegant environment is like doing aerobic exercise in the forest, which can wash away the turbid air in the body, purify the mind, and relieve stress and fatigue.

This project uses Somutu’s swimming pool products, the overall specifications: 7900*2300*1400mm, small footprint, flat-embedded installation, integrated with the surrounding environment, no sense of violation. DGL-7900 has a small body, but it is very cool to swim, how can it not swim to the edge. With dual motor propellers, wider water outlet and 12 adjustable gears, you can experience the feeling of swimming in rivers and seas.

The constant temperature swimming pool system ( air source heat pump )equipped with a 5HP air source heat pump does not need to worry about the temperature and water temperature, so you can swim in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Using paper core filter + ozone and ultraviolet disinfection, it can be maintained for 1-2 months without changing the water. This project is equipped with a thermal insulation cover, which can not only reduce the loss of heat energy, but also prevent the water body from being polluted and prevent children from falling into the water. All operations are centralized on one control panel, simplifying operation.

Private Villa Pool 3

The forest courtyard-style high-end residential project built by Wanwei Real Estate is located in the Baiteng Lake Scenic Area. The plot ratio of the project is only 1.5, and the green space ratio is over 40%. It is the first high-end living community developed by Wanwei Real Estate with low plot ratio, low density and high greening ratio. Wanwei Forest Garden is located in the core of the central urban area in the west. With the concept of “a courtyard deep in the shade of the city”, a 5,000-square-meter forest courtyard is carved. The concept of building a villa is to build an urban mansion. The buildings and gardens are elegant and low-key, and a group of owners with the same style will be gathered, and the community atmosphere is very cohesive. The whole community planning is composed of 12 scenarios of bungalows (semi-enclosed structure), 108 sets of high-end multi-layered products, and 3 high-rise buildings with 28-30 floors of 5 units. In addition, it plans to build a community supporting living club of about 1,500 square meters and a commercial supporting area of ​​nearly 5,000 square meters.

Wanwei Forest Garden Private Villa is not a traditional concrete swimming pool, but the most popular disassembled swimming pool. The size of the disassembled swimming pool is 6*21*1.5 (average water depth) = 189m3, swimming pool cycle: 3h, Circulating flow: 63m3/h. The swimming pool circulating filtration and disinfection system uses 2 filter sand tanks( stainless steel sand tank), 2 circulating filter water pumps, and 2 B80 copper-silver ion sterilizers; the swimming pool cleaning system uses the killer whale HJ-2028-20 automatic swimming pool sewage suction A constant temperature swimming pool equipment system, the design temperature is 10℃, the target temperature of the swimming pool is 30℃, the initial heating time of the swimming pool is 48 hours, the heating capacity is 10W, and the maximum water temperature is 40℃.

Private Villa 4

The CITIC Shanyuhu Villa swimming pool project uses the swimming pool filter sand tank( stainless steel sand tank) machine   equipment, the swimming pool circulation filter and power system adopts the French Charles de Gaulle filter sand tank and filter pump; the swimming pool disinfection system adopts the American blue and white dosing metering Pump( dosing pump); The swimming pool suction and cleaning system uses a killer whale automatic swimming pool suction machine and a 7-piece set of cleaning tools.




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