Parent-child swimming pool

Parent-child swimming is to create an environment in the mother’s body for the baby, use the baby’s survival instinct in the water from the mother’s body, through a series of courses and counseling, let the child maintain the skills brought by this instinct, and through training and assessment, let the child master the four A standard swimming style and water safety skills. This concept and training system originated ove.

Anmeibao International Parent-Child Swimming Brand was established in 2009. It is the first professional parent-child swimming organization in China, serving babies aged 0-6. As a pioneer in the promotion of parent-child swimming in China and the earliest early education institution in China to integrate the concept of water early childhood education into infant swimming, Ambao Baby Swimming hopes to establish a clean and safe water environment for young babies and their parents, allowing them to enjoy the fun in the water.

The specification of the constant temperature swimming pool 

(three in one dehumidification system)

of Amibo parent-child swimming pool is 4*12*1.2=56m3; the cycle time is within 3h; the design temperature is 32°C; the initial temperature is 5°C; the initial heating time is within 36h; applied by  air source heat pump from the constant temperature system for the swimming pool, the disinfection method adopts pure physical disinfection of copper and silver ions. Make the water quality of the swimming pool meet the national drinking water standard.


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