Ozone disinfection

The application fields of ozone generators mainly include: (food/drug/cosmetics, etc.) production of health products, preservation of fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture, agricultural production, swimming pool water treatment, sewage treatment, medical care, indoor disinfection in public places, Home disinfection, etc.

1. Sterilization and disinfection of health products In the production of health products, the role of ozone generators is mainly sterilization and disinfection, which can kill microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses, etc., and can significantly improve the safety and quality of food, medicine, cosmetics and other products. The characteristics of ozone generator sterilization and disinfection: fast, thorough and efficient sterilization; no dead angle; no residue of harmful substances, environmental protection and hygiene; automatic operation; safe to use. For health products, the application links of ozone generators include: 1. Disinfection of dressing rooms. 2. Disinfection of workers’ overalls, shoes and hats. 3. Air disinfection in the production workshop. 3. Disinfection of workshop floors, walls and ceilings. 4. Disinfection of production equipment, tools and packaging materials. 5. Disinfection of production water. 6. Preparation of ozone water for disinfection

Hotel ozone sterilization

Bar ozone disinfection

2. Fruit and vegetable preservation

The amount of fruits and vegetables lost every year in my country is very staggering, and the rot rate is as high as 40%. The use of ozone generators can sterilize and preserve fruits and vegetables, reduce the rot rate of fruits and vegetables, improve the quality of fruits and vegetables, prolong the preservation period of fruits and vegetables, and expand the sales scope of fruits and vegetables.

3. Livestock and poultry farming

In the livestock and poultry breeding process, the role of the ozone generator mainly includes: sterilizing and disinfecting the air and tools of the breeding house, preventing livestock and poultry from getting sick; promoting the healthy growth of livestock and poultry; improving the growth rate of livestock and poultry, shortening the feeding time and cost, increasing the Breeding benefits; reduce the amount of antibiotics and improve the safety and quality of livestock and poultry food.

Degradation of Ozone Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

Ozone sterilization in poultry farming

4. Agricultural production

The use of ozone generators in agricultural production can play a good role in preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests, reduce the amount of pesticides, improve the yield and quality of agricultural products, and increase agricultural benefits.

5. Sewage treatment

The use of ozone generator to treat industrial sewage and domestic sewage can kill harmful organisms such as bacteria in sewage, oxidize and decompose harmful substances in sewage, and turn sewage into reclaimed water to meet discharge standards. Reclaimed water can be used in agricultural and industrial production and can be recycled, which is conducive to saving water resources.

Ozone treatment of industrial waste gas

Aquaculture ozone disinfection

6. Healthcare

The scope of use of ozone generators in medical and health institutions includes: 1) Sterilizing and disinfecting all places such as hospital wards, operating rooms, waiting halls, offices, etc., to control the spread and spread of germs and prevent cross-infection. 2) Sterilize surgical instruments. 3) Disinfect the hands of medical staff with ozone water. 4) Use ozone compound solution to treat wounds and promote wound healing.

7. Disinfection of public places and homes

The use of ozone generators indoors and at home in public places can quickly kill microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, yeasts and viruses in the air, and can eliminate odors, decompose toxic and harmful substances, purify the air, clean the air, and eliminate fatigue. , Refreshing and invigorating the brain, it is also suitable for decoration, which can remove toxic and harmful volatile substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air during decoration. Public places include stations, docks, airports, schools, libraries, hotels, guesthouses, KTVs, night clubs, clubs, bars, Internet cafes, game rooms, post offices, banks, telecommunications business halls, pharmacies, shopping malls, farmers markets, tourist attractions, offices etc. area.

Hospital ozone sewage treatment

Drinking water disinfection

Swimming pool ozone disinfection

Domestic Ozone Sewage Treatment Office

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