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Guangdong Runmiao Company has been focusing on the swimming pool business for more than 20 years, and is committed to providing advanced system solutions for the world’s water environment and indoor artificial solutions. in the field of the water environment” has an exemplary image and continued status.

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Guangdong Runmiao Company

In the continuous polishing and progress of the market, the company has gathered a group of senior experts who have been engaged in the swimming pool industry for many years (including: experts in water system function planning, system integration, environment, space art, etc.). In the early stage of project planning, we fully consider the functional rationality and uniqueness of the project, and also consider energy conservation and environmental protection, operational results, humanistic concepts and other aspects for customers, so that the project not only has commercial value, but also responds to the harmony between people and the environment. 



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Guangdong Runmiao is committed to providing advanced system solutions for the world's water environment and indoor artificial solutions.

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Famous Designers Planning And Design

Professional Construction And Guidance

Excellent Pool Equipment Production

Professional Tracking Service

Famous Designers Planning And Design:

Professional Construction And Guidance:

Our company attaches great importance to the quality and effect of construction and installation. We are equipped with a strictly screened engineering and technical team with high quality, superb technology, flexible coordination, strong coordination ability, rigorous, responsible, dedicated and other characteristics.

With exquisite construction technology and high-quality engineering construction level, we have taken the lead in obtaining professional qualifications for electromechanical installation and professional construction of water features and fountains in the domestic industry. High praise from customers.

Excellent Products

Our company has more than 30,000 square meters of water environment equipment research and development base with complete facilities, advanced technology, scientific management and excellent quality. Systems, filtration systems, disinfection systems, integrated units and other series of hundreds of products, and are widely used in large and medium-sized projects.The company has a logistics warehouse of 3,000 square meters, with sufficient supply, fast logistics and first-class service. With the tenet of “always providing customers with better products worth buying”, we fully consider the needs of customers, and tailor-made high-quality products with high transfer value for customers.

The product series includes: Three-in-one dehumidification and constant temperature equipment, air source heat pump equipment, water quality monitoring equipment, ozone generator equipment, UV sterilizer equipment, stainless steel filtration equipment, IoT intelligent filtration equipment, sodium hypochlorite generator equipment, dosing pump equipment and so on…..

Product Gategories

Air Source Heat Pumps

High effciency and energy saving

Ozone Generator

Long Service life

Ultraviolet Aterilizer

Online automatic cleaning system

Stainless Steel Filtration Equipment

Strong and durable

Three-in-one Dehumidification Heat Pump

Intelligent contronl

Water Quality Tester

The remote control

The reason why our company has been highly praised by customers and the industry for a long time is that we have done very thoughtful work in project planning, design, product supply, construction and other links. We know that what customers buy is not products, but peace of mind and comfort.And our intimate service is to make customers feel at ease and comfortable throughout the process:

Our company’s service agencies all over the country ensure the timeliness of the service; our well-trained professional service technicians ensure the professionalism and effectiveness of the service.
“Intimate service, sincere to the slightest”, our company’s caring service is committed to enhancing customer value, so that customers can rest assured throughout the whole process, without any worries.

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