Know All About Dosing Pumps

What is a dosing pump?

A dosing pump is a small, positive displacement pump. It is designed to inject a very precise flow rate of a chemical or another substance into a flow of water, gas or steam. It is a process of treating wastewater with chemicals such as iron, aluminium and even some salts to remove high levels of unwanted substances present in it. Dosing pumps are typically small, they provide an extremely precise flow rate of chemically other substances for maximum control. They are the central part of an integrated dosing system designed for the automatic dispersion of chemicals.

How does it work?

A dosing pump functions in a variety of different methods. A dosing pump draws a measured amount of liquid into its chamber and injects the chemical into a tank or pipe that contains the fluid that is being closed. It can be powered by an electric motor or air actuator and has a controller that turns the pump on and off and manages the flow rate.

Runmiao is a leading global provider of dosing pumps. They manufactured a Solenoid Diaphragm Metering pump. It has all functions in one pump. It has a clever PVDF pump head standard. It covers 0,4 to 110 l/h with an output pressure of up to 20 bar in one casing allowing skids to be pre-constructed as the fixing points remain constant. The pumps can be selected on confirmation of the dosing flow inventory reduction. It reduces spare stock holding.

Features of Runmiao Dosing Pump

  1. Compatible:

PVDF pump head

PVDF is suitable for almost all chemicals used in industrial, wastewater treatment and potable water applications.

  • Ceramic ball valve as standard

 The use of ceramic balls as standard improves the pumping reliability and the chemical compatibility of the whole liquid and full chemical compatibility.

  • Reliable Diaphragm pure solid PTFE

The advanced design and manufacturing process allows the diaphragm to have a unique life expectancy. It is made of pure solid PTFE, the diaphragm is compatible with most chemicals. Routine diaphragm replacement is no longer a requirement. It reduces maintenance and is fully chemical compatible.

  •  Steady dosing performance
  • Stabilised multi-power supply
  • 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Reduced consumption
  • Pump head:

The parts in contact with the liquid have been chosen to guarantee perfect compatibility with most chemicals normally in use.

  • Dosing mode:

The pump head has a manual priming valve, and the flow rate is manually or automatically (by signal input) adjustable from 0 (pump stop) to 100% of the maximum flow rate. Moreover, it is equipped with a low-level alarm to stop the pumps.

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