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In water purification and treatment systems, having a UV sterilizer (UV stands for ultraviolet) can make your water healthier and extend the life of water that has been treated and processed. Besides making water healthier, it can also be used in aquariums to get rid of algae, bacteria, and other plagues like parasites or other microbes.

It can act as a prophylactic and is a safety aid, or you can say an “insurance policy” for aquariums. UV sterilizers have great applications. It can be used to benefit humans as well as marine life. They can be used in both marine and fresh fish tanks.

They are highly effective in eliminating all presence of microbiological pollution throughout the water. Although, there must be an adequate amount of exposure to the UV rays of the sterilizer in order for proper disinfection to take place.

Ultraviolet sterilizers are applicable in a wide range of applications, from commercial drinking water to aquariums and larger water sources throughout municipal areas and industrial facilities. Without any doubt, a UV sterilizer is the best option for complete disinfecting under any setting where bacteria-free, purified water is required and to avoid any further contamination of the water before it is needed for its final point of use.

Using UV sterilizers, a wavelength of at least 253.7 nanometers is necessary for the successful disinfection of algae, viruses, bacteria, and other types of microorganisms. Which have the propensity to spread quickly. Because of its capacity to break down microorganisms’ deoxyribonucleic acid, UV sterilization is ideal for this purpose (DNA). And also to prevent their continued expansion.

Under 10 seconds of UV light exposure, the UV sterilization method eliminates the complete quantity of biological pollutants in the water.

Such devices have earned a well-deserved reputation for a number of reasons, including highly desirable properties such as easy installation, no change in taste, pH or odor, and other water properties. They have multiple functions. Some are listed below:

1. Automatic cleaning function
2. High temperature protection function
3. Running the sight glass
4. Automatic exhaust valve
5. Lamp power adjustable function
6. Real-time display function of UV intensity detection

UV sterilizers are highly versatile. Besides their versatility, they are economical, efficient, fast, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

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