Huidong Xinghe Peninsula Five-Star Hotel Indoor and Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool Project *Five-star

Project Introduction:

The project is located in Xunliao Resort, Huidong, Guangdong, and is a super five-star resort hotel for Galaxy Real Estate Group. The project is a comprehensive large-scale hotel integrating hotel, conference, leisure and vacation, with indoor spa and indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools.

Design requirements:

1. The initial heating time of pool water is 24 hours, and the initial heating is carried out by air source heat pump and auxiliary constant temperature in winter;

2. The dehumidification of the pool hall adopts a dedicated dehumidification heat pump system for swimming pools;

3. The temperature of the pool water is 26±1℃ throughout the year; the temperature of the indoor pool hall is 28±1℃, indoor humidity 65%;

4. The indoor and outdoor pools are equipped with shoal leisure pools, massage pools, parent-child paddling, high temperature bubble pools and spa SAP and other functions;

5. Swimming pool water treatment adopts counter-flow sand tank filter system plus ozone and ultraviolet double disinfection system for pool water.

6. The control of the water treatment system of all swimming pools adopts PLC intelligent control operation.

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