Hengqin Huafa Capital Garden Phase II Indoor and Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool Project

Project Introduction:

The capital of Hengqin Huafa is located in the center of the life section of Hengqin New District. It has a unique geographical location and land and sea resources. It will be built into an international-class hydrophilic community of about 440,000 square meters, and strive to become a benchmark for first-line port properties.Swimming pool area: 314m2; depth: 1.40m; water volume: about 440m3; design circulation flow 120m3/h. The swimming pool water treatment adopts the whole-process split-flow ozone disinfection as the main method and the disinfection method supplemented by chlorine. Air source heat pump is used for initial heating, and the initial heating time is estimated to be 36 hours; constant temperature heating, constant temperature and humidity are controlled by a multi-functional dehumidification heat pump unit. Water treatment and heating and dehumidification are operated in two groups, which are safe and convenient, and greatly reduce the later management and maintenance costs.

A healthy and green swimming environment and a truly humanized design。

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