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In the swimming pool industry, the heated swimming pool in winter can be described as a swimming and fitness place that the public especially likes. Constant temperature swimming pool – the water temperature of the swimming pool is always kept within the most comfortable temperature range for the human body: 26℃-28℃. The heating method and the design of the heating system are the same for the outdoor constant temperature swimming pool and the indoor constant temperature swimming pool. The main difference is that the outdoor constant temperature swimming pool is more affected by environmental factors and loses more heat. In the design calculation, various factors should be considered. For example, wind speed, etc., so when the heating equipment is installed concealed, the loss will be greater.

How does a constant temperature swimming pool system generally achieve constant temperature?

1. Coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired boilers or electric heating methods: This method wastes resources seriously and is not recommended.

2. Solar energy combined with auxiliary heat source: The solar heating method is environmentally friendly and economical, and can be used without affecting the aesthetics of the construction environment.

3. Heat pump constant temperature technology: At present, heat pump constant temperature technology is very mature in foreign countries, but it started late in China. This technology will become the most effective heating and cooling air conditioning technology in the 21st century. According to heat sources,heat pumps are mainly divided into air sources heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, water heat pumps.

List common problems and solutions encountered in indoor heated swimming pools:

1. The indoor constant temperature swimming pool has too much humidity

Due to the continuous evaporation of water on the surface of the swimming pool, the relative humidity of the indoor air is getting higher and higher. The hot and humid air will bring a very uncomfortable feeling to people, but also seriously endanger people’s health! When the relative humidity of the air exceeds 40%-60%, a series of related problems will occur: germs and bacteria will multiply; the human body is prone to respiratory problems; indoor buildings are prone to rust and corrosion; It will seriously affect the beauty and service life of the building.

Solution: use swimming pool dehumidification heat pump; the energy efficiency of constant temperature swimming pool reduces operating costs; the heat loss of constant temperature swimming pool comes from three aspects: heat loss by water surface evaporation and conduction loss; heat conduction loss from pool wall and pool bottom; purification of pipes Heat lost by water equipment. Using swimming pool hot water system, the annual average energy efficiency is as high as 10.0 (pool constant temperature dehumidification heat pump). Compared with the traditional heating method (boiler + dehumidifier), the operating cost can be saved by more than 80%.

2. Disinfection of constant temperature swimming pool

a. Pool water disinfection is mainly to kill pathogenic bacteria in pool water, and oxidation is to remove invisible impurities dissolved in water to protect the health of swimmers. The disinfection of swimming pool water is the most important part of water treatment. If no disinfection measures are taken, the water quality will change completely within 24 hours, which will not only endanger the swimmers in the swimming pool, but also endanger the environment. The original system also took this into account, and adopted the method of manual addition for disinfection. However, we know that its side effect is that the organic compounds evaporated from the water and toxic gases such as gas, which accumulate above the swimming pool are not easy to disperse, damage people’s respiratory organs, and seriously affect people’s health. Its derivatives can seriously corrode the water treatment system and the equipment and structures in the museum, such as grids, heating, etc.

Solution: using ozone, the raw material is taken from oxygen in the air, and the by-product after use is still oxygen; water distribution, return water and underwater functions of constant temperature swimming pools;

b. An important factor in swimming pool water treatment is to treat all pool water. The dead water generated by any dead corner of the swimming pool is a place for bacteria to breed. Therefore, reasonable water distribution and return water methods are issues that must be considered in water treatment. At the same time, the functionality and beauty of the private swimming pool should also be reflected in the swimming pool water system.

Solution: Optimize the water distribution and return methods, and increase the functions of water flow bottom blowing and massage surfing. The filtration of the water in the constant temperature swimming pool; The cleanliness and transparency of the swimming pool water not only affects the health and comfort of the swimmers, but more importantly, it is difficult to identify the human activities of the swimmers in the pool and the bottom of the pool, especially the activities of children, which will lead to difficulties. Unnecessary injury and danger to swimmers, so keeping the water clear and transparent is critical.

c. The selection of the filtration system is a very important part of the swimming pool water treatment. At the same time, the stability, maintenance-free and automation of the equipment are related to the normal use and operating costs of the user.

Selection principle: high filtration precision, high efficiency, stable effluent quality; uniform water distribution and water distribution, no short-flow phenomenon; solid material, impermeable, corrosion-resistant, non-polluting water quality; small size of equipment, easy installation; simple operation, Easy to maintain.  

Solution: use filter sand tank plus automatic pressure backwash, timely inspection and automatic operation.

3. Control and filtration precision of the constant temperature swimming pool circulation system

The quality of swimming pool water quality is closely related to the amount of water treatment. That is to say, no matter what kind of water treatment system equipment you use, whether all swimming pool water is guaranteed to be recycled or not determines the effect of water treatment; at the same time, Due to the existence of many human metabolites in swimming pool water, such as dander, as well as various organic media such as oils and cosmetics, there are also many colloidal substances. In this case, if only the general filtration method is used, there will inevitably be many colloidal-level fine particles that cannot be removed, which will have a great impact on the subsequent process and even the final effluent quality. The water with these fine particles floating will make You are not feeling well.  

Solution: The imported water quality test is used to connect the automatic water system circulation to ensure the full water circulation treatment, and at the same time, the flocculant is added to improve the coagulant condition.

Nowadays, the relative price of heated swimming pools is higher than that of traditional swimming pools in design and construction. The average cost of indoor heated swimming pools is about 1 million, and the daily maintenance cost is relatively high. However, due to the comfortable temperature, such swimming pools are built in villa swimming pools and fitness clubs. It is widely used in swimming pool construction projects such as swimming pool construction, resort swimming pool construction, and children’s swimming pool construction. Therefore, the constant temperature swimming pool is the development direction of the indoor swimming pool, which is suitable for self-exercise and business investment.

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