Core Values


1. Customer First
With great enthusiasm, we will do our best to help our customers succeed and ensure that our customers are always the first beneficiaries. The meaning of our existence lies in providing services to others, to customers, and to society.

2. People-oriented
Based on the needs of users, we constantly update our products and services.

3. Integrity
Integrity management, seeking truth from facts, let customers rest assured. We act honestly, ethically, responsibly, fairly in all our internal and external business transactions to gain and maintain the trust of our beloved customers. We preserve the confidences of our clients, people and stakeholders.

4. Enjoy the Work
Work is part of life. SMT employees enjoy work and enjoy life, creating a fair, open, flexible and energetic work environment.

5. Pursue Change, Continuous Innovation
Thinking cannot be rigid, and change creates opportunities. We always seek a better solution and do our work better. We keep R&D research and improve technologies and service to keep the costs under control thereby accomplishing more with less resources.

6. Value Sharing
Encourage value realization, material satisfaction is only a by-product of value realization. Encourage sharing the joys of success and the distress of failure to achieve common growth.

7. Earlier, Faster, More Professional
Act earlier and find more opportunities;
Take action faster and seize more opportunities;
Be more professional and gain more success.
Our Mission is to be an solution provider for Building Air Quality Constructions.
Our mission is to become a solution provider of water quality and temperature and air temperature and humidity.

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